Know the Process of Making an Animated Explainer Video

For your business, you need more customers and to reach the huge customer base you need to implement interesting strategies that can immediately bring in success for you. Use of explainer videos would help you reach a wider audience and that is why it is important to take the help of a company which is the best in this field.

AnimationB2B is the company that can come to your help if you want to have an animated explainer video talking about your business. And for this the company follows detailed steps so that nothing is lost. The first step is to research about the client company and its work. For this the executives from the research team of Animation B2B sits with the client company executives to have detailed information about their work.

making process of explainer videoThe second part of the process is scripted. The creative team of AnimationB2B sits and writes the script of the video so that the client has a clear idea about what should be in the video. Even the text of the voice-over is also added and the video is ready for the first look of the client. After the client’s initial approval storyboard is done. The characters are sketched frame by frame and the creative direction and the animation type are also decided. The graphic designers come up with the illustrations to make the presentation attractive and he or she chooses the design that goes perfectly with the business of the client.

When all these steps are complete then the voice over is recorded and then the animation process is started. After doing the animation, then music and SFX are added. This is the final part of any animated explainer video. The sounds add quality to the animation and makes the video complete. With all these features your explainer business video is ready to go.


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