Why animationb2b is the top ‘explainer’ video production company?

Explainer Videos Production from  Animation B2B is a good aid to publicize your business and get you customers. Till date they have produced around 950 videos for varied Business houses. The productions are backed by a passionate group of graphic designers, copywriters, illustrators and motion designers. It is basically an animation house which creates Explainer videos which are flat designs and 2 dimensional.

The company is proficient in the following services.

  • Business based animations
  • Explainer videos
  • Infographics depicting all kinds of Businesses

The steps followed for the video production are as follows.

  1. First, understand the client’s Business and its objectives very well.
  2. Create a script for the video which is the theme or the bare skeleton on which the matter is based.
  3. Stories and characters as part of them are created to depict the matter. This is called Storyboard.
  4. Graphical illustrations are made based on the Story board’s
  5. The final content is now animated with the recording of voice and music.
  6. Final touches are made to the video for better visuals and audio effects.


The portfolio consists of some client videos produced by Animation B2B which give an idea of their capabilities. Some of the clients using the services of Animation B2B include Reebok, PowerAde, HAVAS, Zenith Opti media and many others.

Thus, worldwide clients and high quality of work products from the company speak volumes about the company’s capability. To order all you have to do is go online and get a quote for explainer videos production. There are a number of offers to choose from.


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